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Why Xturion

Why Should You Consider Xturion?

Xturion is a leading provider of business process outsourcing for contact center support and information technology enabled services. Our passion and business model is centered on delivering custom, cost effective and quality business solutions to our clients.

Value added benefits Outsourcing models

Xturion is a U.S. company with international operations. What makes Xturion unique is that we are able to offer the advantages of business process outsourcing (BPO) utilizing our delivery centers in various countries around the world, while providing domestic management through our offices in Chatsworth, CA and Austin, TX.

Right-size Company

Xturion has the ability to exhibit flexibility and adaptability in our operations to suit the need of our customers. We have exhibited competency in meeting infrastructure and resource requirements for large projects while being small enough for better relationship.

Domain expertise

Another key differentiator is our importance on bringing in domain experts in almost every project. We believe in extensive and continuous training of our employees. Our training programs are designed to transfer the industry-specific knowledge and experience of our leaders to ensure we maintain our deep process and domain expertise across all industries in which we work.

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