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  • Business Intelligence Made Simple Gain Insight for Better Decision Making
    Analytics, Dashboards, and Reports on Demand
    Easy, Flexible and Affordable
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  • Telemarketing Scripting for Your Agents Create, Publish, and Manage Sales Scripts
    Dynamic Scripting Logic and Call Flow
    Real Time Revisions and Reporting
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  • Maximize Your Product and Media ROI Input, Load and Manage Data
    Track Sales, Media, and Costs
    Proprietary Media Sourcing for DRTV
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  • Enterprise Resource Planning    Real time Data and Communication
       Lean Manufacturing for Profitability
       Scalable, Flexible and Affordable
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  • HR and Payroll Simplified    Configure, manage and process Payroll
       Setup, declare, approve and process
       Income Tax
       Configure routing and process Appraisal
       Manage e-Recruitment, Induction, Training and    Development
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  • Call Center Services Customer Care
    Email Management and Chat
    Help Desk and Tech Support
    Data Entry
    Data and Order Verification
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